The Plant Clinic can help with plant care and pest management issues. Bring us in samples of bugs, plants, disease problems and we will identify and give information on how to control them. We answer questions on landscaping, gardening, soils, & related areas. The Plant Clinic contains books, fact sheets, publications on plant identification, pests and diseases, weed, landscape trees and shrubs, perennials, grasses and groundcovers, native plants, plant propagation and many other horticulture topics.

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Pest Alert Hotline Weekly Message

Over the course of the last few growing seasons, the Plant Clinic at the Missoula County Extension office has seen a number of garden samples with symptoms similar to those consistent of herbicide exposure.  Growth regulator type herbicides that are commonly used in turgrass settings target broadleaf weeds, while generally leaving the grass species unharmed.  Quite often there can be residual effects in the garden when grass clippings (sprayed with these materials) are added directly to the garden or to the compost pile that is subsequently used to ammend the garden soil.  Characteristic symptoms of growth regulator type herbicides are cuppoing of leaves, stunted growth, and twisting of growing points.  Below is a booklet diiscussing some precautions when using grass clippings, compost, and even manure in your garden.  


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Cedar apple rust

cedar apple rust

Aphids Leaf Curling
Aphids Leaf Curling

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